About Us

Miles 4 Flight is a brand new and unique concept, though the people working behind the scenes are veterans to the travel industry. We are a group of passionate travel professionals with many years of knowledge as well as a passion for travel.

Our parent company Regal Wings has allowed us to gain the experience in luxuriously serving the corporate and leisure travel market, while providing superior customer service. Here we learn, live and breath the travel industry. We bring this experience and love for travel to Miles 4 Flights. From a first class sleeper suite on an A380 aircraft, to an oceanfront villa at the St. Regis in Bora Bora, we know it all.

Over the years, we have heard so many people complain that they keep on accumulating frequent flyer miles and credit card points, but it is almost impossible to redeem them into first or business class award seats. The airlines will most of the times just say “it’s not available”.


It is with great pride & honor that I personally welcome you to Miles 4 Flights.

Several years ago, the NY Times Sunday edition featured an article titled “Curves in the Road to Redeeming Miles”, and it is when I saw it, that the Miles 4 Flights idea started weaving in my head.

My team and I are all so excited to have you here and look forward to serving you for many years to come by turning you airline miles & credit card points into flights.

My very first priority is superior customer service, so if it at anytime you need my personal help, please email me directly to eli@miles4flights.com, I promise to reply to each and every one of you.

Kind regards,

Regal Wings, Miles4Flights
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